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Transporting refrigerated cargo and other sensitive goods over long distances can be difficult, expensive, and logistically challenging. Today, large sectors of the economy depend on the ability to safely transport essential merchandise across and between continents. For cargo like agricultural produce, processed food, and pharmaceuticals, maintaining the cold chain is vital.

We use items like these every single day, but rarely ask how they arrived on store shelves. Many people simply take this complex, fine-tuned process for granted. In fact, just one apparently minor problem in port, on the voyage, or before the product hits the shelves, can make these products completely unusable.

These types of valuable cargo are at risk from human error, technical issues, weather conditions, and more:


GSL knows that each voyage poses numerous risks to the cold chain and that this cargo is vital to our customers. That’s why we’ve developed GSLMonitor, a real-time monitoring system that provides customers with total peace of mind by letting them keep an eye on their shipments throughout the entire transport process. Each container is equipped with a GPS system that monitors route deviations, as well as a computer that controls temperature and humidity at all times. Staff on-site and at a 24/7 call center receive text messages (SMS) or email alerts when either technical issues or human error may be putting cargo at risk.

In today’s cost-conscious market, where billions of people depend on refrigerated cargo for food and other vital goods, GSLMonitor collects real-time data to avoid risks, reduce insurance claims, enhance security, and minimize costs. An advanced monitoring solution is the key to keeping each and every shipment in perfect condition.

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